is dedicated to enabling people to overcome one of life’s biggest challenges

…how to achieve and maintain a high level of personal and interpersonal performance, positivity, happiness and fulfillment in our challenging fast-paced modern world and the “new Covid reality.”

Our team of innovative thought leaders, personal performance experts, behavioral scientists, engineers and researchers have dedicated their lives to understanding why it has become so difficult to achieve and maintain a healthy, fulfilling, balanced lifestyle – and what to do about it.

The Challenge

In many ways, modern life has never been more difficult. Before COVID the vast majority of our families, communities and workplaces were not working. At least they were not working the way we want them to. The result was an epidemic of breakdown that cuts at the very roots of what we have worked so hard to make in our modern world over the last 50 years.

We now face a much more urgent and dangerous crisis – COVID the disease, a confluence of societal changes forced upon us by COVID, racial strife, environmental disasters, and political divisiveness. People and organizations are challenged like never before.

We stand for individuals, families, communities and organizations being able to thrive.
Our revolutionary System enables people to pinpoint the internal root causes of their unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, and performance gaps; and then address them in powerful new ways, improving their performance, positivity, happiness and fulfillment in virtually any area of life they choose.

The NEXT System™

is a life training system. It trains you to self-direct your own neuroplasticity – to change the way your brain works – so you can feel, think, and perform better. It then guides you to remove brain-based barriers that keep you stuck in unproductive behaviors and prevent you from realizing your potential.

The System is powered by enabling technology for personal behavior change and performance improvement we call “Self-Directed Neuroplasticity”.

In the future, we intend that our ground-breaking work at NEXT will generate a new awareness in modern society of what it takes for people to thrive.

We intend to create an environment that empowers people to evolve beyond the struggles and challenges that have become the norm in our hyper-digital hyper-connected COVID modern world. We are dedicated to working with our users according to their particular circumstances, and guiding them to reach specific outcomes of their design so they can be fully alive and self-expressed.