The NEXT Training and Implementation Program™ is our flagship onboarding program. It is designed to enable you to learn how your brain works and how to use the NEXT System so you can to radically improve your performance, positivity, happiness and fulfillment in virtually any area of life you choose.

The NEXT Enterprise Program is tailored specifically for knowledge workers, managers, and executives. It addresses the challenge of working in demanding fast-paced organizations where juggling priorities and managing complexity can be a major challenge and source of stress, friction with others, poor communication, resentment, and eventually a loss of productivity and effectiveness. The program addresses these issue at their root cause – the absence of strong trust-based relationships that are necessary for individuals and the organization as a whole to thrive – and provides a self-directed neuroplasticity-based toolkit to get individuals and teams working well again. Learn more here.

The NEXT Program For Couples and Families is the first of many programs for NEXT System users. It addresses the root causes of interpersonal relationship challenges and gives you the tools you need to make any relationship MUCH better – couples, parent-child, parent-parent, parent-teacher, teacher-child etc.

These are just the beginning. The NEXT System is designed to be a publishing and monetization platform for a new category of Self-Directed Neuroplasticity – informed programs for enterprises and individuals, developed by NEXT and a global ecosystem of innovators, practitioners, and users.

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