The NEXT System trains you to self-direct aspects of your brain’s neuroplasticity via the NEXT System Training and Implementation Program™.

The Program is evidence-based, employing a combination of well-established but never-before combined evidence-based behavior change techniques and our own proprietary evidence-based techniques with which to create and maintain positive productive change.

During your training, you learn to “rewire” your brain’s automatic counterproductive responses and overcome your “internal self-barriers” – your unique unwanted negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors that limit your performance on a daily basis and ultimately prevent you from thriving and realizing your potential.

You are then guided by the System self-guide and a trained NEXT Guide online via video conference to implement the NEXT System in your everyday life by focusing on “target areas” where you want to feel better and perform better, and achieve better results.

You experience results almost immediately – feeling happier, lighter and more in control – and you are able to track and build on your improvements over time, with the help of your Guide and/or on your own.”

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The NEXT System